DIRT EXPO: Geiser Brothers is Coming!


If you love Trophy trucks, you must visit one of the most storied families in the Off-Road Racing game and one of the most respected names in Off-Road Racing. Geisers have been building Trophy Trucks since the concept came about years ago. Number 2 Pistol Pete Sohren got the #2 number for owning and racing the 2nd Trophy Truck made back in the day when it was introduced in the Best in the Desert series. Initially, it wasn't called a Trophy Truck, but Geiser built it. 

The Truck you are looking at in this photo is storied as well and will be on display at the DIRT EXPO! The big mean yellow TT was originally the famed RPM machine driven by Apdaly Lopez and won the Overall SCORE INTERNATIONAL Championship. Then it moved to Jax Redline, and now it belongs to the Arizona McNeil Racing family. While the Truck has been repurposed into a Trophy Spec truck, it's still a powerhouse in the Off-Road Racing Community. 

Come out to the DIRT EXPO and learn the history and legacy of this great legacy family, see some amazing trucks and prerunners, and enjoy your time with thousands of like-minded off-road enthusiasts.

By Andy Myers, Owner of DIRT EXPO.  

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The DIRT EXPO is Arizona’s Original and Largest Off-Road & UTV Expo. Since 2002 Andy Myers has been putting on Arizona’s Premier Off-Road event.  Originally called the Arizona Sand Expo the Event grew into one of the States Largest Expos and encompassed the entirety of the Arizona State Fairgrounds. In 2009, the Expo was canceled due to the economic downturn.

In 2015, the Expo returned as the International Off-Road & UTV Expo. In 2022 it was decided to scrap the name and go with a New Venue, New Name, and a New Plan. The 2022 DIRT EXPO is being held at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. “Everything Off-Road” is the mission.


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